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James Mooney Podcasts

Bodhispeak Podcast Featuring James WFE Mooney

James Mooney shares his life story starting with being brutally assaulted at a young age for his native ethnicity, nearly dying, and being revived in the sweat lodge and then losing a connection with his roots, leading to a severe bi-polar diagnoses. His search for a cure for his ailment then brings him full-circle to the Native healing circles of the Peyote way.

In the second part of the interview, James continues sharing his life story about finding real healing to his bipolar diagnoses through traditional Peyote ceremonies and Native American culture, simultaneously connecting him back to his buried Seminole heritage.

And finally, in the third act, James shares how he was gifted the sacred medicine, peyote and how he was authorized to bring it to the white man’s culture by Native elders, leading to a political struggle that takes him to the Utah Supreme Court

Listen to James Mooney Interview - Part 1

by Bodhispeaks

Listen to James Mooney Interview - Part 2

by Bodhispeaks