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Who We Are and What We Do

About Oklevueha Native American Church:

Who We Are and What We Do

There has been a concerted effort over the last two centuries to destroy the Indigenous Native American Religious Culture. The blessings of the Indigenous Native American Religious healing traditions have been suppressed and taken to the verge of extinction. This Religious tradition uses plants and herbs along with ceremonies to heal body, mind, and spirit, and assist with the transitions of life that we all experience. This natural and spiritual way of healing is directly opposed to most of the pharmaceutical medicines which can create dependency, overwhelming side-effects, and the use of technical approaches that invade and disrespect our bodies.

Our world is facing extreme challenges. The culture of excess, extortion, and willingness to eradicate that which is eternal in exchange for that which is a “quick fix” and temporary is leading us down a path of destruction, not only of our economy and ecology, but our spiritual nature and healing. There is another way – a truer way – a way of harmony, peace and building rather than destruction or management of damage.

All societies live with dichotomy and this struggle – whether to embrace light or darkness. The Indigenous Native American Religious cultures have always been diverse and there have been many tribes. Over millennia, tribes from all over both the Northern and Southern hemispheres have learned and passed down ways of healing, empowering, understanding, and living harmoniously and productively with themselves, others, and nature. Our world needs the wisdom they have gained. Many Indigenous peoples do not want to share what they have learned because of the atrocities they have suffered at the hands of “civilized” people who have invaded, co-opted, and eradicated the lands that sustained them. This is understandable.

South American Indigenous Ceremony

Here at Oklevueha Native American Church you will find those who wish to share and protect those understandings and natural medicines. We bring these sacred medicines and ceremonies and offer them as a gift to all races and cultures in the hope that they can assist in healing our world and all our relations.

Our Indigenous Native American Religious Heritage:

Leslie Fool Bull, Medicine Man from Rosebud South Dakota Reservation, blessing James Mooney to take “the medicine” (i.e. Peyote) to the white people.

The Indigenous Native American Religions have been practiced in North and South America since before recorded history, and Oklevueha is blessed and built upon by the Lakota Sioux and Seminole Religious Cultures  The fundamental premise of all indigenous spirituality is to honor and respect Grandmother Earth (Matriarchal), Grandfather Sky (Patriarchal) and all their descendants.  Oklevueha Native American Church holds special recognition of honor for our elders who have gone before us and who sacrificed so much for us to have these freedoms today.

The practice of Indigenous Native American Indigenous Religion was formalized with the creation and incorporation of the Native American Church in 1918. When practiced outside the boundaries of Federally Recognized Indian Reservations, the government has recognized all Native American Churches, including Oklevueha Native American Church as the bona fide caretaker of these ceremonies and medicines.

The Hands of Healing

Throughout the world, people of like mind are establishing branches of the Oklevueha Native American Church (ONAC). Each of these branches serve the people in their area by assisting them to have access to the plants, herbs, and ceremonies they need to bless their lives. The specific sacraments and ceremonies offered in each branch are determined by the branch leaders depending on what is most needed. In the United States, these ceremonies and sacraments (plants and herbs) are protected by Constitutional Law from legal interference under the freedom of religion, even though many of those plants (peyote, cannabis, San Pedro, psilocybin, ayahuasca, etc.) have been controlled or made illegal to the general public by those who have desired the destruction of the indigenous culture and its blessings.

You are welcome to come and experience the sacred exercising of our spiritual healing and empowering Native American Religious Culture. If we can support or assistance you in your spiritual journey of healing and empowerment, you may apply for membership here.

Oklevueha Native American Church presently is the ONLY:

  1. Native American Church authorized to conduct Indigenous American Native ceremonies within the United States Navy
  2. Native American Church validated by a unanimous decision of the State of Utah Supreme Court to admit people of any racial make up around its sacred fires
  3. Native American Church that has received State of Utah Governor Accommodation Awards for introducing and managing a successful American Native based Habilitation Program in the State of Utah Department of Corrections
  4. Native American Church that has entered into a Cultural Exchange Proclamation with the Huichole Nation, witnessed by the Mexican Consulate