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James W.F.E. Mooney’s Ancestry

James Warren Mooney was was born January 3, 1944. The United States Attorney General believed that Timothy P. Mooney and Elizabeth J. Copage Mooney raised James (aka Jami) Henry Mooney, who was half Seminole, as their own son. James Henry Mooney’s biological parents were James Mooney (Smithsonian Ethnologist) and America Simpson, a direct descendant of Osceola, the Great Medicine Man and War Chief.  This makes James “Flaming Eagle” Mooney a direct descendant of a Seminole Medicine Man and Chief, and James Mooney, archaeologist and ethnologist of the Smithsonian Institute.

Jami Henry Mooney married Ella Peace Mooney, who was half Creek and also a descendant of Osceola, and they were the parents of Rex Mooney. Rex Mooney married Ruth Aleta Bennett, who were the parents of James Warren “Flaming Eagle” Mooney.

According to Chief Little Dove Buford, James Warren Mooney (named in honor of his great grandfather) is a direct descendant of James Mooney, Ethnologist, and his grandparents were James (Jami) Henry Mooney and Ella Peace Mooney.

The Making of a Medicine Man goes into James’ history in detail.

James Mooney’s genealogy.