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Cultivation Guidelines for ONAC Sacraments

by | Sep 28, 2021

Cultivation Guidelines for ONAC Sacraments

Updated December 2023

Members are not allowed to sell, trade, or gift sacred plants listed as controlled substances by the United States government. These are only made available through ONAC branches or medicine people who are authorized and recognized by the Oklevueha Native American Church Mother Church. This is an important protection for you, as we cannot control the quality of the medicines coming from outside of ONAC.

The purpose of sacred ceremonies is to connect you to a recognized ONAC medicine person who can assist you in the process of healing and empowering your life and your health. This assistance comes when you sit in ceremony with them. We take very seriously the responsibility of assisting people and making sure each participant is physically, emotionally, and spiritually safe and that the sacred medicines are worked with in a safe way and honorable manner.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If an ONAC medicine person gifts or provides you with sacred medicine to work with on a personal level for micro-dosing, there is specific paperwork that is required for this process. You must follow the protocol of the medicine person and documentation is required.

When you work with sacred medicines under the guidance of a medicine person at home, this is called Personal Facilitation. Personal facilitation is creating a spiritual, ceremonial space for yourself ONLY, working with a small amount of sacrament / medicine that has been gifted or provided to you from an ONAC medicine person that you are working with and under their direction and instruction.

Cultivation Guidelines for Peyote:

There is no personal cultivation of Peyote.

Cultivation Guidelines for San Pedro:

San Pedro can be legally purchased in the United States; therefore, members can grow San Pedro freely for ornamental purposes only. There should be no extraction or secretion from this medicine.

Cultivation Guidelines for Ayahuasca, Psilocybin, and Kambo:

ONAC does not recommend or authorize cultivation or harvest of these medicines.

Cultivation Guidelines for Cannabis:

ONAC members may cultivate cannabis for personal facilitation as follows:

  • For INDOOR ONLY: members can possess no more than 6 plants, total (regardless of location*), per member at any given time.
  • For OUTDOOR ONLY: members can possess no more that 4 plants total (regardless of location*), per member at any given time.
  • For COMBINATION INDOOR / OUTDOOR: members can possess no more than 2 indoor plants and 3 outdoor plants, total (regardless of location*), per member at any given time.
  • Members CAN claim partial ownership of plant, if and only if, the entire plant is owned entirely by ONAC members.
  • All plants owned by ONAC member should be clearly labeled with the name(s) of the ONAC member.
  • If a member owns plants in multiple locations, a list of all owned plants must be available and updated at all times. If the member does not have updated list of plants and locations, the assumption will be made that the member only owns plants in a singular location and ownership of plants in all other locations will NOT be recognized.

* Plant location means that a member may be growing each plant at a different address.


  • INDOOR: cultivation of cannabis with the use of any unnatural light to control the growth cycle
  • OUTDOOR: cultivation of cannabis with the use of natural sunlight
  • NOTE: These cultivation amounts may be adjusted based on the written explanation by an authorized Cannabis Medicine Person for Oklevueha Native American Church. This letter of cultivation exemption must be sent to Mother Church for approval, and copies must be given to the cultivator, Mother Church, and the Medicine person. No ONAC approved Cannabis Sacrament can be sold, traded, or given to anyone, not even an ONAC member.


Many states in the United States have legalized cannabis for medical use, and several have made it completely legal for any purpose. In those states where cannabis is legal, you may follow the laws of your state. However, in states where there are still legal limitations, you must follow our sacrament limitations listed here.

NOTE: During harvest time, a member may have more than 2 oz in their possession, as they have likely grown enough medicine to last for the season.

All medicine over 2 ounces must be put into sealed containers and labeled with the date of harvest and your name and ONAC membership number, and either stored in the freezer or a lockbox with an ONAC sticker on it. These stickers are available for purchase on the Trading Post:

It is vitally important that every member growing cannabis understands that this is sacred medicine and cannot be sold or gifted to anyone within or without Oklevueha. The personal cultivations are for personal sacramental and medicinal use only.

All cultivations must be on your own property. If you have an agreement with another property owner to cultivate on their land, the property owner must be an ONAC member, and you must obtain their written permission. You must submit that documentation to Mother Church.


ONAC recognizes all indigenous medicines as being effective. However, ONAC does not authorize the personal facilitation or cultivation of the following medicines unless otherwise approved by Oklevueha Native American Church – Mother Church:

  • Iboga/Ibogaine – Ceremonial use only, under the guidance of an ONAC medicine person. Note: At this time, we have ONLY one ONAC branch who is authorized to work with Iboga and they are located in Utah.
  • Bufo/Otac
  • DMT / 5meo DMT
  • Yopo
  • Mimosa (Mimosa pudica) root bark/ Jurema or Yurema (the Mimosa tree may be grown, but no medicine can be extracted from the roots)
  • Mambe/Coca Leaves (For an ONAC branch or ONAC medicine person to serve these medicines requires prior approval from ONAC Mother Church)
  • Amanita Muscaria
  • Tepezcohuite
  • Salvia
  • Datura

We also recognize the sacred medicines of Kambo, hapé and sananga, however these are not medicines which can be easily cultivated or prepared. Therefore, be sure to obtain these medicines from an ONAC medicine person or branch, or other reliable sources.

If you have any questions about a medicine/sacrament that is NOT listed here, please contact us directly at ONAC Mother Church: [email protected]