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Elder Medicine Man and Co-Founder, Oklevueha Native American Church

James Warren "Flaming Eagle" Mooney

James Warren 'Flaming Eagle' Mooney, Co-Founder of Oklevueha Native American Church maintains Elder Seminole Medicine Man Emeritus status. He is active in promoting the welfare of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, as well as defending and supporting all Indigenous cultures around the world.


Direct Descendant of James Mooney, Archaeologist and ETHNOLOGIST OF THE SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTE


Represented the Indigenous Peoples of the World at the United Nations


REPRESENTATIVE OF Indigenous Interfaith International Movement, led by the Sacred First Nations For Peace




James Mooney has received blessings and acknowledgements from Elders, Medicine People, and Indigineous Leaders.


James Mooney has received awards, recognition, and praise for his work in the community and for his commitment to preserving the ways of the Indigenous.


James W.F.E. Mooney’s genealogy clearly shows he is a descendant of James Mooney (Smithsonian Ethnologist) and America Simpson, a direct descendant of Osceola, the Great Seminole Medicine Man and Chief.

Sacred First Nations for Peace

Currently working with Sacred First Nations for Peace and the Indigenous Interfaith movement, James is an avid supporter of bringing all indigenous cultures together.

Healing Mother Earth

The earth is our Mother, and the indigenous all over the world are bound by a sacred duty to honor, protect, and defend her. James Mooney is committed to this mission.

Preserving Accurate History

The misinformation and inaccurate retelling of the history of Native Americans is rampant across the country. One of James Mooney’s personal commitments is to right the wrongs, and tell the true story of the abuse and genocide perpetrated against the Native Americans.

Podcasts Featuring James WFE Mooney

James WFE Mooney’s life story and journey to the medicine can be heard on the Bodhispeak Podcast.

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