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Oklevueha Native American Church Fundraisers

Oklevueha’s Fundraisers

Humanitarian and Legal Defense Funds


Oklevueha Native American Church always wants to give back to those who need our assistance. We have different fundraising campaigns running at all times.

General Humanitarian Fund:

The Humanitarian Fund of the Oklevueha Native American Church aims to offer support and assistance to our Elders who require help. Our Elders are a crucial part of our community, and therefore it’s essential to ensure that they receive the care and aid they need. The fund contributes to healthcare facilities and daily essentials to uplift the lives of those who have provided valuable cultural knowledge and wisdom, paving the way for future generations.

The Humanitarian Fund also works towards supporting our friends on reservations around the country, recognizing the challenges that Native American communities face. The fund proactively addresses systemic issues and provides resources that contribute to sustainable development. By working with partners, the Oklevueha Native American Church’s Humanitarian Fund plays a crucial role in enhancing the well-being of reservations and promoting a brighter future for all.

Above all, the fund is deeply committed to taking care of its people. It aims to promote educational initiatives, community programs, and direct assistance. The Oklevueha Native American Church’s Humanitarian Fund is dedicated to fostering a sense of unity and resilience within the Native American community. By addressing the unique needs and challenges faced by our people, the fund strives to create a support network that empowers individuals and strengthens the fabric of our shared heritage.

Contribute to the ONAC Humanitarian Fund

Medical and Living Emergency Fund:

At times, ONAC is asked to assist with emergencies for our Elders. Medical care on the reservation is very limited, and if there is any kind of serious medical problem, they must drive to Rapid City, SD, almost a three hour drive. We humbly ask for your contributions to this fund so we can provide much needed emergency funding.

Medical and Life Emergency Fund

Legal Defense Fund:

Our community is facing significant challenges that threaten the very essence of our cultural and spiritual practices. One of our esteemed members as one example, Dr. Jenn Lotusson Phillips (, is currently embroiled in a severe legal battle due to her alternative medicine practices, which have been instrumental in helping countless individuals overcome trauma and health issues. Wolves in sheep’s clothing hiding within the ranks of various institutions, driven by a desire to suppress our practices, are targeting her and others with baseless charges. This persecution is not just an attack on Dr. Phillips but on the very principles and freedoms we hold dear.

The legal defense required to protect Dr. Phillips and our community’s rights is substantial. Our legal team, led by Don Hart, has been working tirelessly to safeguard our practices and ensure justice prevails. However, the financial burden of these legal battles is immense, and she and others must not stand alone.

I am calling upon all members of the NAC to contribute to ONAC’s legal fund. Your support is crucial in ensuring that we can continue our sacred practices without fear of persecution. Here are some reasons why your contribution is vital:

1. Defending Our Rights: The wolves aim to undermine our community by using legal tactics such as racketeering charges to intimidate and suppress us. By contributing to the legal fund, you are standing up for our rights and ensuring that justice is served.

2. Supporting Our Community: Individuals like Dr. Phillips have dedicated their lives and resources to supporting our community. Some, for instance, have invested millions into our initiatives, providing financial and logistical support. It is time for all of us to share this responsibility and support those who have supported us.

3. Preserving Our Heritage: Our spiritual and cultural practices are under threat. By contributing to the legal fund, you are helping to preserve our heritage for future generations. This is not just about one legal battle; it is about securing the future of our community.

4. Upholding Our Values: The essence of our community lies in mutual support and respect. Historically, indigenous cultures thrived on the principles of sharing and collective responsibility. By contributing, you are upholding these values and ensuring that our community remains strong and united.

We understand that these are challenging times for everyone, but the strength of our community lies in our unity and collective action. Any contribution, no matter how small, will make a significant difference. Together, we can overcome these challenges and continue to thrive.

Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication to our international community. Let us stand together and show that the spirit of NAC is unbreakable.

With deep respect and gratitude,

Flaming Eagle aka James WFE Mooney
Native American Church

Contribute to the ONAC Legal Defense Fund.