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Oklevueha Native American Church Fundraisers

Oklevueha’s Fundraisers

Humanitarian and Legal Defense Funds


Oklevueha Native American Church always wants to give back to those who need our assistance. We have different fundraising campaigns running at all times.

General Humanitarian Fund and Winter Warmth Drive:

We want to always be able to serve our Medicine people, Roadmen, Elders on the reservations, and others when a critical need arises. This humanitarian fund ensures that we have funds available to use when these moments arise. In the past we have been able to help with utility bills, medical attention, funeral wakes or services, firewood, propane, vehicle repairs, assisting Elders to get to Sundance, Christmas and holidays for families, and other events. It is getting colder every day, and these people need money to keep themselves warm and housed all winter.

Medical and Living Emergency Fund:

At times, ONAC is asked to assist with emergencies for members. One example of this is the Martinez Family who has experienced grave medical issues this last  year. They are still trying to get on their feet, and as you know, there isn’t employment near the reservation. We are still collecting funds for them, as well as others who

Legal Defense Fund:

We are in process of defending the civil and religious rights of people all over the country, and more specifically the members of Oklevueha Native American Church who have legal issues, even after being in complete compliance to our codes.  We are currently assisting ONAC member Wes Sudbury, who has recently been released from incarceration.

Contribute to the General Humanitarian Fund/Winter Warmth Drive
Medical and Life Emergency Fund
Contribute to the ONAC Legal Defense Fund.