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Oklevueha Native American Church Fundraisers

Oklevueha’s Fundraisers

Humanitarian and Legal Defense Funds


Oklevueha Native American Church always wants to give back to those who need our assistance. We have different fundraising campaigns running at all times.

General Humanitarian Fund:

The Humanitarian Fund of the Oklevueha Native American Church aims to offer support and assistance to our Elders who require help. Our Elders are a crucial part of our community, and therefore it’s essential to ensure that they receive the care and aid they need. The fund contributes to healthcare facilities and daily essentials to uplift the lives of those who have provided valuable cultural knowledge and wisdom, paving the way for future generations.

The Humanitarian Fund also works towards supporting our friends on reservations around the country, recognizing the challenges that Native American communities face. The fund proactively addresses systemic issues and provides resources that contribute to sustainable development. By working with partners, the Oklevueha Native American Church’s Humanitarian Fund plays a crucial role in enhancing the well-being of reservations and promoting a brighter future for all. 

Above all, the fund is deeply committed to taking care of its people. It aims to promote educational initiatives, community programs, and direct assistance. The Oklevueha Native American Church’s Humanitarian Fund is dedicated to fostering a sense of unity and resilience within the Native American community. By addressing the unique needs and challenges faced by our people, the fund strives to create a support network that empowers individuals and strengthens the fabric of our shared heritage.

Contribute to the ONAC Humanitarian Fund

Medical and Living Emergency Fund:

At times, ONAC is asked to assist with emergencies for our Elders. Medical care on the reservation is very limited, and if there is any kind of serious medical problem, they must drive to Rapid City, SD, almost a three hour drive. We humbly ask for your contributions to this fund so we can provide much needed emergency funding.

Medical and Life Emergency Fund

Legal Defense Fund:

Oklevueha Native American Church has been on the forefront of legal rulings protecting the freedom of religion and our constitutional rights. One of our own has been in a five-year legal battle with the state of Hawaii, and we are coming to you to ask for your help and support as he appeals the ruling against him.

Wes Sudbury is an ONAC Branch leader and ONAC medicine person who has been caught in a riptide of legal issues and illegalities. Wes was held in Hawaii jail six and a half years in a federal prison without a speedy trial, with various legal representatives that refused to fully support Wes, many delays, pressure from the court to take a plea deal, and numerous other ridiculous scenarios.

What began as a stance for the free exercise and respect for the Native American spiritual ways has become much more. This stance now includes a stance against entrapment and illegal spying, by our government, against honorable citizens who would exercise their unalienable rights to pray in the manner of their choosing, in an ancient and respectful manner.

A stance against the denial of justice by delaying justice.

A stance for our rights to due process and a fair trial.

Please help Wes to finish this, and with the aid and protection of The Great Spirit, provide victory and healing for the nations. This, of course, has been a significant sacrifice of struggle and pain for him and his family financially and otherwise.

These are some of the illegal activities that were perpetrated against him:

He was originally told by law enforcement in Hawaii county that his church was beneficial to the community and not on the law enforcement radar. They then sent a confidential source, into the private areas to engage in electronic surveillance for years, while encouraging them to go bigger, violating multiple state and federal constitutional and statutory rights.

The Hawaii office got a wiretap warrant with this illegal evidence. This was a violation of supreme court precedent and the 4th amendment. They ignored the compelling interest standard through all this, the judge refused to follow the statutes binding her order to the government to provide discovery of all the activity before the DEA became involved.

After serving the most time he would have gotten, had he been convicted, the judge then demanded to have a trial.

  • The County of Hawaii sent a confidential informant into the private areas of his church.
  • The County of Hawaii set up electronic surveillance for years on the church property.
  • The County of Hawaii enticed the DEA into reopening their Hawaii office, who got a wiretap warrant with this illegal evidence.
  • The County of Hawaii ignored the Government Compelling Interest standard that is required when dealing with a church.
  • The Judge refused to follow the statues binding her to order the government to provide discovery of all the activity before the DEA became involved.
  • One of his attorneys did not file a crucial paper with the court because “the line was too long.”His attorneys made so many errors that even the judge suggested they be fired.
  • The Oklevueha Native American Church sign was prominently displayed on the church property yet was ignored.
  • After Wes’ case was accepted by the U.S. Supreme Court, the judge in Hawaii rushed through a trial and brought him to a conviction, thus making his appeal to the Supreme Court moot.
  • Even after serving five years, Wes is now on probation for three years.

Wes’ only recourse is to launch an appeal of his conviction with the Federal courts in Hawaii. His goal is to have his original conviction thrown out, and his probation removed. This case, and the ultimate outcome could drastically impact all members of ONAC.

Wes is asking for assistance to finish this, and with the aid and protection of The Great Spirit, provide victory and healing for the nations!

He is asking humbly with prayer for our aid.

This appeal would go a long way in preventing further violations of our First Amendment rights and protect every member of this church.

Contribute to the ONAC Legal Defense Fund.