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The Benefits of Membership

by | Oct 7, 2021


Sacred Ceremonies and Sacred Medicines

Our main purpose for existing is to cultivate healing, empowerment, sovereignty, and peace with every member of ONAC. We hold sacred ceremonies that are eons old, and because we honor the old ways, people can come together in front of a sacred fire and heal. The power of community support and sacredness is greatly honored, and our members support one another.

peyote ceremony

While the main sacrament upon which ONAC is built is peyote, we also recognize many other indigenous medicines used in North and South America. Many of these sacred medicines are available to members of ONAC through ceremonial experiences throughout our various branches across the United States.

All ONAC’s Medicine People and Branch leaders are carefully vetted to be sure they can provide a safe, legal, and spiritually focused ceremonial experience. Only members of Oklevueha Native American church may participate in these sacred ceremonies.

We have many branches, all of which are independent from Oklevueha Native American Church – Mother Church, yet must follow and adhere to all safety rules, policies, procedures, and codes of ethics and conduct. Not all branches work with the same medicine, so you may request information by emailing [email protected] to obtain more specific information.

Your membership protects you legally provided you are in 100% compliance to our Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct. Everyone desiring to become a member should review these documents, as it is required for you to acknowledge you have read and understand them before you can become a member. Additionally, please review the limitations on how much medicine you can carry, and how and what you can cultivate.

It is the greatest desire of those who lead ONAC that the healing you seek, the connection with Spirit, and the honoring of our Mother Earth may be found in our circles and our ceremonies. Membership in ONAC is a privilege many proceeding us have given their lives for. We must always honor, respect, and be grateful for Creator’s gifts of ceremony and healing medicines.

We would love it if you would join us in our celebration of Creator’s gifts and blessings by becoming a member of Oklevueha Native American Church. To apply for membership, please click here.