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Welcome to Oklevueha
Native American Church

Sacred Ceremony

Creator has blessed us with the four elements to remind us we are always connected to nature. He gave us the Sacred Pipe, the Sacred Inipi, and the Sacred Tipi. He also taught us sacred ceremonies, some involving natural plant medicines to inspire and empower us, and others to teach us how to rely wholly on prayer. We consider these sacred ceremonies to be worship, and sacred medicines to be sacrament, and should be honored, respected, and understood in a good way.

Oklevueha honors the sacred indigenous ceremonies from all cultures. We recognize the sacred sacraments from North and South America, as well as other indigenous peoples.

The practicing of Indigenous American spirituality empowers and strengthens those who participate as they create balance and remove toxic thoughts, actions, and substances from their lives. The ceremonies, sacred sacraments, and medicines we work with are powerful and assist people to overcome dependencies, self-defeating behaviors, and can assist the physical body to gain strength and healing for many physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual ailments.


Oklevueha Native American Church (ONAC) welcomes people of all races, nationalities, religions, and lifestyles without prejudice. We believe ancient ways must be preserved, honored, and understood. In our fast changing world spirituality is often overlooked, or masked behind so much dogma and doctrine, that spiritual connection can be compromised.

Oklevueha is here to bring our brothers and sisters together in sacred circles where we can heal and empower ourselves physically, spiritually, and emotionally through Creator’s bounty, and to deepen our connection to Mother Earth, she who is our Mother and our Temple, and who has so abundantly blessed and provided for us.

Oklevueha’s Mission and Vision

Oklevueha Native American Church is expanding our focus and deepening our mission and vision to accommodate the changing philosophies and legalities regarding sacred medicines in our modern world.

When Oklevueha was first conceived, we were a small church with one location and one medicine. We built a community of healing through peyote and sacred connection. When law enforcement stepped in and shut us down in 2000, we shifted a great deal of our focus to legal protection for all who wished to sit with the medicine.

Now that the legalities of sacred medicines are shifting, we also wish to shift our full focus to honoring and preserving the sacred spirituality of the Native Americans, as well as honoring and protecting the various sacred medicines we are so privileged to have and steward. We are so grateful to those who sacrificed their lives to preserve and protect these ceremonies, when the practice of native spirituality was a death sentence.  They never gave up or denied who they were, what they stood for, or what they believed. We choose to honor them through this work. READ MORE 

A Statement of Clarification about Oklevueha Native American Church and Native American Church (NAC)

We would like to provide a clarification statement regarding Oklevueha Native American Church (ONAC) and Native American Church (NAC). Although both organizations have similar origins and foundations, it is important to note that they are two separate and distinct churches with their unique visions and missions. We would like to express our collective dedication to standing in solidarity and working towards the protection of the rights and privileges granted to all individuals under U.S. law. READ MORE

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Frequently Asked Questions – A great place to start if you want to know more about us.

The Benefits of Membership – How becoming a member of ONAC can assist you in your life.

Code of Ethics – What we stand for and how we exectue it.

Code of Conduct – Standards that help us honor and preserve these sacred ways.

Sacraments – Important information about how much medicine you may legally carry.

Cultivation – Important information on how to legally cultivate sacraments.


Oklevueha and Mother Earth

Oklevueha Native American Church (ONAC) welcomes people of all races, nationalities, religions, and lifestyles without prejudice. We believe ancient ways must be preserved, honored, and understood. Divisiveness among nations and people is moving us further into a world without a spiritual center, and a world without a spiritual center leads to destruction.

We must gather ourselves physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally to heal ourselves, and heal our Mother Earth; she who is our Mother and our Temple, and who has so abundantly blessed and provided for us.

Oklevueha Native American Church considers itself a protector of the earth, and all her sacred medicines.

Read about how Oklevueha Native American Church is working to protect and preserve the sacred waters of Utah Lake.


Oklevueha’s Guiding Principles

Code of Conduct

As members of Oklevueha, we hold ourselves to a very high standard of conduct. We believe and encourage the practice of Gratitude, Humility, Faith, Respect, Honor, Charity and Forgiveness.


Code of Ethics

Oklevueha Native American Church considers itself a protector of sacred medicines, and therefore requests that all members and medicine people ONLY sit with sacred medicines for prayer, healing, and medicinal purposes.


Sacred Sacraments

Oklevueha Native American Church members are legally allowed to possess a certain amount of sacrament. Not all sacraments or medicines have the same limits. Please familiarize yourself with these policies.


Sacred Ceremony

People of all races, creeds, and religions are drawn to attending sacred ceremony with Oklevueha. ONAC’s ceremonies are held at the highest standard of reverence, honor, and respect for all medicines and all who come in a good way.


Medicine People all over Oklevueha provide deep integrative healing through sacred counseling ceremonies, often involving the Sacred Chanupa (Casuse) or Sacred Pipe. To find a Medicine Person near you, please contact [email protected]

Membership for All

In order to have legal protection, founded upon your First Amendment right to the freedom of religion, you must become a member of Oklevueha NAC and be in full compliance to our Codes of Conduct and Ethis. You may apply for membership in the portal.

It is with great excitement and gratitude that we bring to you an amazing new opportunity and source for all members of Oklevueha Native American Church.  We are so blessed to now have a formalized education source for our branches, members, facilitators, and anyone interested in learning or expanding their already existing experience in indigenous modalities.

ONAC University ( has taken on the mission of helping to bring forward a formalized education system for our members to specifically preserve medicine, sacred modalities and educate in areas that can often be missed in a general apprenticeship setting.


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