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Oklevueha’s Mission and Vision

by | Mar 31, 2023

Oklevueha’s Mission and Vision

Oklevueha Native American Church is expanding our focus and deepening our mission and vision to accommodate the changing philosophies and legalities regarding medicines in our modern world.

When Oklevueha was first conceived, we were a small church with one location and one medicine. We built a community of healing through peyote and sacred connection. When law enforcement stepped in and shut us down in 2000, we shifted a great deal of our focus to legal protection for all who wished to sit with the medicine.

Through the years, Oklevueha’s legal position has only strengthened. In many places across the United States, law enforcement recognizes our name and understands that we govern ourselves, have strict policies and infrastructure, and that we are very clear about what is acceptable behavior for members, branch leaders, and our medicine people, and what is not. We also added more medicines to be protected under Oklevueha in addition to Peyote. 

Now that the legalities of sacred medicines are shifting, we also wish to shift our full focus to honoring and preserving the sacred spirituality of the Native Americans, as well as honoring and protecting the various sacred medicines we are so privileged to have and steward. Many medicines are now available in the United States, however, the people serving these medicines may not have the training to provide a safe and sacred environment, as Oklevueha requires and ensures that continuation. 

Oklevueha has always had the safety of our members in the forefront. Our vetting process for all medicine people is very strict and done very carefully. Not everyone who applies to become a medicine person with Oklevueha qualifies by our standards. Safety is paramount.

However, the sacredness of these ceremonies can never be changed. We come to ceremony for healing, connection, and community. Those elements of Native American spirituality are critical to Oklevueha and our mission and vision. Honoring and cherishing these ancient sacred ways is the main mission of our church. Creating community of those who wish to participate in a good way and find connection with Spirit and with other like-minded people is a vital part of who we are.

ONAC’s vision is to build community, a sense of belonging, and to foster healing and transformation through ceremony and teachings. Our goal is to assist those who come to us to be able to connect with who they are on a soul level, and to live from a higher place of peace and well-being. 

ONAC’s medicine people are trained and have the sacred gifts to assist in transmuting wounds and birthing remarkable transformation. Medicine people understand that they are the instrument in Creator’s hand, a hollow bone through which Spirit can work.

We may differ from many people working with the medicines in that we put the sacred aspects of this work in the forefront. We work with medicines and other healing modalities to truly create an environment where Creator can work with each individual and assist them in the healing they need. The focus on the sacred, traditional ways is not necessarily happening outside of Oklevueha, especially during these times with access to any number of medicines, but it is what we strive for in ONAC. 

Within Oklevueha, we are simply assisting in anchoring in these recognitions, awakenings, enabling us to align with true authenticity and to provide the safest and most respectful environment for ceremony and healing work.

Oklevueha brings together the sacred lineage of the Seminole and the Lakota Sioux, as well as honoring the traditions and teachings of other Indigenous nations. We have been blessed to carry the medicines and the teachings of these great nations. It is our greatest hope and desire to share these ancient ways with those who seek healing, connection, and a new way to walk on Mother Earth.

It is our prayer that Creator will hold each of you in peace, health, and joy.