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Welcome to Oklevueha

by | Sep 23, 2021

Welcome to Oklevueha Native American Church


What is Oklevueha?

Oklevueha is a bone fide Native American Church whose mission is to assist all who walk upon Mother Earth to find peace, healing, and community. The Native American Church is very different from other organized religions. There is no central governing body dictating doctrine and dogma. Each church has their own practices; however, all follow the Native American traditions and honor the sacred ceremonies and medicines.

Oklevueha began in central Utah, where James and Linda Mooney were working with the Native American men incarcerated in state prison. James had property right next to the prison where he built an inipi (sweat lodge) and put up a tipi. People would come from all over Utah to sit in ceremony with the Mooneys. They performed marriages, held pipe ceremonies, offered people the sacred opportunity to sit with peyote.

At this time, many addicts would find their way to Oklevueha. Working with them, often one on one, James would lead them through experiences where they had to rely on Creator and their connection to Mother Earth to sustain them. Those who completed Oklevueha’s program had an incredible success rate.

Today, Oklevueha has branches all over the United States. Each branch is run by their own presidency and fall under the umbrella of Mother Church. There are strict policies and procedures for our branches. This is to ensure the safety of all who participate in sacred ceremonies.

What can Oklevueha do for me?

Membership in Oklevueha enables you to attend sacred ceremonies and partake of sacred sacraments. Oklevueha represents the spiritual heritage of the North and South Americas, and therefore not all branches work with the same medicines in exactly the same way.

If you come to a sacred circle in a good way, meaning your intentions are clear, your attitude is one of humility and gratitude, and you are willing to do what it takes, you have an incredible opportunity to experience deep healing throughout your whole body system. The sacred medicines work off prayer and intention, and if you make your prayer in a good and honest way, Creator will honor that prayer and intention, and bless you with what you seek.

Coming to a sacred ceremony or retreat will introduce you to people who will expand your world view, introduce you to new experiences, new music, and a beautiful new community. All are welcome here, providing they come in a good way.

How can I sign up for a ceremony?

The first step is to email [email protected] and determine which branch you would like to attend. You will be able to get a reference from the Mother Church home office.

Next, reach out to the medicine person associated with the branch you wish to visit. This is a very important conversation, because it will enable both of you to determine if this is the right branch, the right medicine, and the right medicine person to work with you. Also note, not every ceremony includes plant medicines. Many deeply profound and healing ceremonies involve prayer and breath alone.

After you speak with the branch presidency member, and they determine you would be a good fit for their branch and their sacred ways, you may then apply for membership with Oklevueha. Only members of Oklevueha may sit in Oklevueha Native American Church ceremonies.

You will receive your Oklevueha membership card shortly after applying. Please carry this card with you at all times.

What if I have questions?

Oklevueha Mother Church is always available to answer your questions, or to refer you to someone who can better assist you. [email protected] is the email you want to save.

We welcome you to Oklevueha and hope you will find peace, healing, and community here, as well as a deeper connection to Spirit, Mother Earth, and Creator. For all my relations.