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Code of Conduct

Oklevueha Native American Church
Code of Conduct

  • I commit to living a Sacred Earth–Honoring Lifestyle which embodies the ONAC Principles of: Gratitude, Humility, Faith, Respect, Honor, Charity and Forgiveness.
  • I commit to making effort to spend time each day in meditation and prayer, drawing closer to the Great Spirit and all of creation, Mother Earth, her living beings. These beings include the mountains, rocks, trees, streams, rivers, lakes, water systems, oceans, Father Sky, winged creatures, all two-leggeds, and four-leggeds.
  • I commit to only commune with the sacred indigenous medicines and ceremonies to empower my body, mind, and spirit. I commit myself to service to myself and others to thereby create peace and harmony in my relationships.
  • I commit that I will keep the ceremonies and what is shared there by others sacred, not sharing it outside the circle.
  • I commit that I will understand my responsibility to financially sustain and support those who bless me. I will remember that medicine people and leaders have lives and families that need their time, and they need to provide for them. I will be respectful and generous as they support and assist me.
  • I understand that being a member of ONAC puts me in the position where people may judge the organization by my actions and words. I will not do things that reflect badly on ONAC and our other members. I will use public media in a positive and respectful way, not criticizing other members, the branch leaders, Mother Church, or violating the sacred trusts developed in the Oklevueha Native American Church (ONAC) family circles. This includes social media, interviews, and other public forums. If I have criticisms or concerns with another member, I will work it out with them directly or through my leaders within Oklevueha.
  • I have read the Code of Ethics, review it frequently, and apply the principles there to my life and actions.
  • I will never share sacraments with or sell medicines to those who are not members of ONAC. I understand that doing so removes my legal protection and exposes me to prosecution. No one except an authorized ONAC Medicine Person, Spiritual Leader, ONAC authorized Cultivator, or a Medicine Custodian can share and sell medicines.
  • I agree not to disrespect the medicines and sacraments by sitting with them for any recreational or abusive purposes.
  • I will never manipulate or take advantage of others emotionally, sexually, mentally, spiritually or physically.