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ONAC Logo’s Symbolism

Oklevueha is a Seminole word meaning an unstoppable river that flows in and around Oklevueha Band of Seminole Indian’s Reservation in Orange Springs, Florida.  This area was first named Harjo Town, which was founded by the famed Seminole Medicine Man and War Chief Osceola.  This band of Seminoles is the source for the term the unconquerable Seminoles.

Native American Church was incorporated in 1918 by Federally Recognized Reservation Indians in Oklahoma.  Native American Church is an Incorporated Church that American Native Indigenous Spirituality is practiced off American Native Federally Recognized Tribal Grounds.  In 1887, the Dawes Act was signed into Law by President Grover Cleveland.  This act states that the Land and its elements are integrally connected with the American Native Spirituality and that the American Native Spirituality is a healing religion.  Two Lakota Sioux Spiritual Leaders, Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull refused to sign this agreement that Red Cloud did sign.  By Red Cloud signing this one agreement, it insured all the rights and understanding of the Dawes Act to the Lakota Sioux Spirituality without the Lakota Sioux spiritual leaders signing it.

Oklevueha Native American Church Logo

The Green Wave Line going through and over the circle (fire) part of the logo represents the Oklevueha (Unstoppable) River where the Oklevueha Band of Seminoles still resides.  The green color also represents Mother Earth and healing. (Below)

The Blue Crescent Moon represents the altar of the Half Moon Peyote Ceremony that was taught by Quanah Parker.  The blue color also represents Father Sky and empowerment. (Above)

The Pipe Stone colored circle represents the Huichole people who are  presently the caretakers of the Peyote Ceremony.  The pipe stone color also represents the merging of all races on Mother Earth and under Father Sky. (Center)

The Red within the colored circle represents new beginnings, newborn baby. (East)

The Yellow Line going through the center of the blue Crescent Moon represents the Road of Life and the Cross Fire Ceremony Altar that was taught by John Wilson honoring Christian symbolism items which often included the placing of a bible on the altar.  The yellow color represents the innocence of childhood.  (South)

Black has a meaning of death and renewal, adulthood. (West)

White has the meaning of wisdom and understanding, elder. (North)