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ONAC Habilitation Programs

ONAC Habilitation Offering Summary

Testimonials For Habilitation Programs

One daughter just had her temple recommend restored and is looking forward to her husband blessing their new baby and being sealed together in the temple. Our other daughter is beginning to attend church and is happily married to a fine young man
Robert B. Spencer, Bishop, Brigham Young University

He has done that by excelling in school & Seminary, he’s making great decisions, and he still has a humble, teachable attitude with a clean record for the last 18 months.  For this, his felony charge was reduced to a misdemeanor, and when he turns 18 with no further problems with the law, his record will be completely expunged.”  Nancy Payne Herrera

At present he is clean from drugs and attending his church meetings and working with his Bishop on his repentance process. He has a job and is preparing to go back to school.“ David Morrison

“I believe his efforts have saved the State of Utah and the Department of corrections a significant amount of money when you consider how many halfway house beds are freed up, and how many offenders will have a better chance to succeed on parole.” Michael D. Buchanan, Agent, Regional VI, AP&P, State of Utah Parole Office

ONAC American Native Religious Ceremonial Programs known as ONAC Habilitation programs have assisted thousands of persons suffering from substance addition, sexual addiction, and other amoral behaviors. These programs have been provided for incarcerated and non-institutionalized individuals (Refere to video on the upper portion of this page) with unprecedented positive results (LAST SHOT PROGRAM – CENTRAL UTAH CORRECTIONAL FACILITY – Recidivism 29.3 % for an 18 Month Period of Time).  This offering by Oklevueha Habilitation Programs (Directed by Oklevueha Native American Church ) is open to all sincerely interested persons that desire to consciously enhance their choice and decision making abilities.

1. ONAC Habilitation Programs (OHP) Sacred Breath Ceremony with its unique Group and Individual Counseling Beliefs combined with Christian and other religious ideologies.  The OHP is ready and willing, upon request, to provide and administer an OHP. This consists of two elements: 1. American Native Counseling techniques geared to assist Authorized Participants to develop a personal relationship with a higher power and;

2. Utilization of American Native rituals:  Sacred Prayer Pipe, the Sacred Breath, Sacred Purification Ceremonies and American Native Sacraments (available for non Institutionalized persons only) Ceremonies.  Each of these Ceremonies has been conducted inside the United States and Canada and within many of their Correctional Facilities with excellent outcomes in changing and/ or altering a participant’s behavior.

3. ONAC Habilitation Programs are available to all United State citizens, their families, and its Correctional and Habilitation institutions that respect American Native beliefs and traditions without discrimination on the basis of their race, ethnicity, heritage, cultural traditions or other personal characteristics.

4. ONAC Habilitation Programs exist to serve our fellow human beings in developing a relationship with the Great Spirit and honoring one’s relationship with all aspects of Mother Earth, thus providing an environment and attitude that assists people to change and/or alter behaviors.  We are available to advise and/or direct (EXAMPLE: Arizona Habilitative Programs) an Oklevueha Habilitative Program – for you, your family and/or your Correctional and Habilitative institutions.

ONAC Habilitation Programs goals and objectives

The principal goals of this offering are:

A.  Strengthen the agency (ability to choose wisely) of which ONAC Counseling / Habilitation Program will fit for your agency .

B.  Strengthen the loving expansion of the family unit.

C.  Strengthen our Nation’s citizens as they endeavor to become more respectable to themselves, their families, and the community as a whole.

The first of these goals is met by confining the program to enthusiastic committed persons that wish to maximize the exercising of their agency. It may appear that Native American rituals allow the Authorized Participant exposure to injury, due to the use of items that could be employed to injure themselves or others (hot stones in the sweat lodge, American Native Sacraments, etc.).  There is no record that this has ever occurred in the history of these programs conducted by Oklevueha Native American Church Medicine People.  On the contrary, participation in these programs has led to an improvement in safe human behavior, as reported by Authorized Participants, family members, Correctional and Habilitation Institutions.

The long-term goal of any ONAC Habilitation Programs  Enrollee – is an improvement in social fitness to the degree that he or she will increase their ability to discipline their own agency.  Statistics strongly support the efficacy of religious counseling techniques in achieving this goal.

In addition to these goals, this offering embodies two understandings with one specific objectives:

ONAC Habilitation Programs Programs work with the following understanding:

A.  Enrollees into OHP tend to feel disenfranchised by society.  This feeling results in a loss of respect for social authority, legal and religious institutions, with an increased likelihood of addictive behavior.  The American Native beliefs stress the concept of respect:  respect for one’s mother and father, respect for all ancestors, respect for the earth, and for the universal spirit.  Most of all, it is respect for oneself, reflected by taking full responsibility for exercising one’s agency and place in the world.  By extension, this entails respect for one’s family and community laws.

B.  Enrollees into OHP often consider themselves as the victims of a capricious justice system and unforgiving society.  This concept is directly addressed by the Oklevueha Native American Church Spiritual Leaders who emphasize that there are no victims, and each Enrollee is directly responsible for, and in control of his or her behavior.  A direct goal of these programs is to assist the Enrollee to truly understand and internalize this sense of responsibility.

ONAC Habilitation Programs Programs objective is the Enrollees repentance.  The Enrollees are encouraged to commit to a personal atonement for past injuries to others, and forgiveness of those that may have injured them at some period of time in his or her life.

The Oklevueha Native American Church is non-denominational.  There is no specific theology, nor does it believe that it has any saving ordinance abilities. Authorized Participants are encouraged to actively participate in a religious belief system.  Oklevueha Habilitative Programs Counseling Beliefs encourage participation and emphasizes that each individual truly live the precepts of their chosen religious belief system without hypocrisy.

ONAC Habilitation Programs Programs have discovered that presenting an environment that fosters a personal spiritual connection with a higher power, and respect for one’s personal heritage, enrollee’s respect for themselves, their families and the community as a whole increases.