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ONAC and the US Military

EN3 Harlin Benally

Oklevueha Native American Church (ONAC) is honored to have a full blood Navajo tribal member EN3 Harlin Benally making ONAC indigenous ceremonies available to the United States Military personnel.   EN3 Benally has the same spiritual attitude of service as Elder Leslie Fool Bull of the Rosebud Reservation when he blessed ONAC into existence with the statement “take this medicine to the Whiteman” March 20, 1998.

Harlin and his gracious wife and children have served and continue to serve our Naval service personnel since December 22, 2009. He serves while he is deployed and works with all other armed service personnel when based on land at different Military bases throughout the world .

Shiprock Veterans

From left, Shiprock Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9517 members Lester Light, Jonas John and Harlin Benally
wait to post the colors for the Navajo Nation Council’s winter session in Window Rock, Ariz.


Not only has Harlin Benally brought much honor to his people and ONAC by receiving a certificate of appreciation from the United States Navy multicultural committee, he is actively setting up Tipi ceremonial locations and people to service our Military bases throughout the United States.


Coupled with what EN3 Benally is accomplishing with active military personnel, it is gratifying that a number of ONAC Veteran brothers and sisters are responsible for setting up Sweat lodges at most of the Veteran’s Hospitals scattered throughout the United States of America.

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