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Walking the Red Road: An Introduction to Native American Spiritual Ways

by | Oct 9, 2023

New Class Offering for All ONAC Members

Walking the Red Road: An Introduction to Native American Spiritual Ways,” led by Lone Buck Buford, offers an immersive six-month course that delves into Native American culture and spirituality. This comprehensive journey explores essential aspects of Native American traditions. This will be a six-month course, meeting weekly on Wednesday evenings beginning November 29, 2023.

This course will cover the basics of Native American spiritual practices. Some of the topics covered:

      • Understanding the Medicine Wheel
      • How to smudge
      • How to set-up a sacred space,
      • How to create a sacred energetic container for spiritual pursuits,
      • How to hold a sacred pipe ceremony,
      • How to build a sacred fire.
      • Basic herbal knowledge
      • And so much more!

Lone Buck Buford was raised in Florida on the Yamassee Seminole Reservation. He has walked the medicine path for over thirty years. He has his own branch in Oklevueha and has served on the ONAC Council of Advisors. Lone Buck is an experienced educator, having led many classes over the years instructing people about Native American culture and traditions.

The course will be held on Zoom, so members from all over can participate. All calls will be recorded, so even if you cannot attend live, you can continue your education. This course is appropriate for students ages 14 and older. The tuition for the 6-month experience will be $375.

To enroll and receive further information, please contact the course coordinator, Lianne, at [email protected]. She will provide details about the course, including enrollment procedures and any additional relevant information.


An Introduction to Native American Spiritual Ways


      • Class time: Wednesday, 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. MT (Note: it is not uncommon for us to go 15 minutes over time.)
      • Beginning Date: November 29, 2023
      • Course length: 6 months 
      • Tuition: $375, payable in full before class begins
      • The class will be offered on Zoom.
      • We will have a private Facebook group as a hub for questions, clarifications, class recordings, etc.
      • All classes will be recorded and available in our private Facebook group within 24 hours of class.
      • This will be appropriate for any member of ONAC ages 14 and older. (Note, if your minor child is not a member and wishes to participate, please email the Course Coordinator: Lianne Bremer [email protected] )


      1. Email the Course Coordinator: Lianne Bremer [email protected] with the following information:
      2. Name
      3. Email
      4. ONAC Membership #
      5. Facebook name (some people use different names), so I can add you to the group.
      6. Send $375 in tuition through Venmo to @Christine-Buford-2 before November 27, 2023.
      7. VOILA! You’re in! You will get an enrollment confirmation email with the link to the Facebook group and then watch for your Class Reminder on Wednesday, November 29th  with your Zoom information.

QUESTIONS: Email Lianne. [email protected]

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Successful completion of this course does not qualify or authorize you to facilitate ONAC ceremonies, nor does it qualify you as an ONAC Medicine Person. This course is for educational purposes only, with the intent to assist you in deepening your spiritual relationship with Creator.