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The Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer

Blessings of Sacred Lands
to protect them from human desecration

At the request of Former Tribal Chief of the Pipes Spring Paiute Indian Reservation, Gary Tom and Tribal members of the Inner-mountain West decedents of the indigenous people of the inner mountain West Blessed the Four Corners, a broadly defined region within a 500-mile (805 km) radius of where four states, Arizona – Colorado – New Mexico – Utah, intersect.  Blessing took place on the State of Utah Capital steps. (2018).

Federal protection went into legislation October 7, 2021


At the Request of the Rock Canyon Preservation Alliance
a blessing was given by James Warren “Flaming Eagle” Mooney at the mouth of Rock Canyon (2010)

Legislation to protect Rock Canyon was ratified in 2017.


At the Request of the citizens of Huntington, UT
Blessing of the San Rafael Swell at the San Rafael Swell dinosaur footprint (2009)

Legistlation protecting this sacred land ratified in 2019.

San Rafael Swell

President Biden restored the protections for this and other National Monuments in 2021.

The Seattle Hemp Festival – August 2011

James Mooney attended the Seattle Hemp Festival, where over 100,000 people gather during a three-day period to mobilize in favor of the decriminalization of Cannabis. James “Flaming Eagle” represented ONAC and the belief that cannabis as sacrament, and as a gift of medicine for the human family of Mother Earth.

James delivered his encouraging message on different stages both Friday and Saturday, including an impromptu talk with attorneys at the VIP party Friday night.

Hemp Fest founder Vivian McPeak made a soulful connection with James, and invited him to give a closing blessing from the main stage at sunset Sunday night.

At sundown,James blew through his eagle’s bone whistle.  James raised his prayer pipe to the heavens, and asked for a blessing for Hempfest and Seattle, that the gifts of Mother Earth would once more be freely given to her children, without legal restrictions in the coming year.

As James ended his prayer, someone directly in the front of the stage yelled out, “Look!  Look up!” pointing excitedly to the blue skies above.

A majestic, lone bald eagle was slowly circling directly overhead James and the main stage, as concentric rings of white smoke floated upwards from his prayer pipe.  Amazement rippled through the crowd as people told one another “Look, See the eagle!” symbol of America’s freedom for over 200 years.

Several months later, the city of Seattle decriminalized the use of cannabis.  The power of prayer and blessing was sanctioned by Spirit, a consecration on the decades of hard work by Vivian McPeak and scores of Hempfest volunteers.