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Legal Defense Fund

ONAC Legal Defense Fund

We are in process of defending the civil and religious rights of people all over the country, and more specifically the members of Oklevueha Native American Church who have legal issues, even after being in complete compliance to our codes. The amount of good we can do is directly proportional to the funds we have to pay the lawyers, court costs and filing fees required by an often corrupt judicial system. With our limited financial resourse we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide funds to everyone experiencing legal issues, so the donations from our members is extremely helpful.

Oklevueha seeks to create national awareness among Law Enforcement and Judicial personnel of the Constitutional and Civil rights that they are responsible to protect. This in turn will make it possible for our members to practice their ceremonies and partake of their sacraments without legal opposition and fear. The days of people losing their children or their jobs, of being denied housing or being threatened with fines or incarceration for simply practicing their beliefs will soon be over. We believe this to be true, but it will take assistance from you.

Please contribute what you can to this effort. If you can sign up for a monthly contribution, that would be even better. Many are making a larger contribution now and then making a monthly commitment to give us more stability. Please do what you can. To make a monthly contribution, please click the Contribution button. Thank you for your generosity and foresight. It will bless all of us.