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Complaint and Injunction Filed in California

The Unique Legal Status of
Oklevueha Native American Church

The unique legal status of Oklevueha Native American Church is substantiated by the following United States Government Agencies opinions and statutes; FIRST by the “United States Attorney General Office Memorandum– “Our research has identified no religious organizations, other than the NAC, which would qualify for the exemption under these or similar procedural and substantive requirements“ and SECOND by the DEA Code of Regulations -Exemptions from federal and state Drug Laws.

ONAC Membership Card Holders are granted United States Constitutional Rights and Protections as the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights clearly states and as the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000 outlines these rights and protections in detail, even if one is NOT of American Native Heritage, See United States v. Boyll, May 10, 1990 – Federal Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals Unanimous Ruling andState of Utah Supreme Court Unanimous Ruling.

Government Agencies have no legal authority to legislate what Earth Based Substance; plant, cacti, vine and/or herb that a Oklevueha Native American Church member chooses to utilize as their Sacrament, See United States Supreme Court Unanimous Ruling.