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Humanitarian Fund

by | Sep 27, 2021

Our Winter Humanitarian Projects

As the winter season approaches, we wish everyone a beautiful, peaceful, and joyful time as we begin to reflect on the teachings that these darker nights bring to us. This season also provides opportunities for many of us to get involved in ways to provide for our brothers and sisters in need. There are three different opportunities that your generous contribution would be able to serve.

We thank you again for you generosity.

*Warmth Project*

Even though it is Spring, it is still very cold on many tribal lands. Many of our brothers and sisters living in the southwest region are in need of support being able to keep the fire burning all winter long. Many are too old to gather firewood and cannot travel. We would like to be able to provide wood, as well as money for propane to keep everyone warm, and any additional blankets or coats. We want everyone to feel warm, safe, and as comfortable as possible. This will require the generosity of our members for the distribution of the wood and be able to provide the means for propane and other items for those who need it most.

*General Humanitarian Fund*

We want to always be able to serve our Medicine people, Roadmen, Elders, and others when a critical need arises. This humanitarian fund ensures that we have funds available to use when these moments arise. In the past we have been able to help with funeral expenses, utility bills, medical attention, funeral wakes or services and other events. This fund is open and ongoing so there is no specific goal to reach at this time.

We want to thank all of you for your membership in Oklevueha Native American Church and for supporting all those who are a part of this large and growing family. Even a contribution of $5 (a cup of nice coffee) will go a long way as we all contribute to meet the needs of our sisters and brothers at this time.  We wish you all the most abundant, loving blessings Creator has for you and your loved ones during this winter season. Aho!